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Why go digital?


It saves you money! With Digital T-Shirt Printing, there are no set up costs. If you’re after a small run of T-Shirts or you have a full colour image to print, then chances are your best option is Direct To Garment (DTG) Digital Printing.


There’s no minimum to order, however the more T-Shirts you order, the cheaper it gets! It’s fast, simple, stress free, and you get exactly what you want.


Now there’s no reason why you can’t have exactly what you want on your T-Shirts.

Got a Question?

Email or call

Tracey 0415 757 886

Direct To Garment (DTG) is the latest technology for T-Shirt Printing. We use specially formulated printing inks that are injected directly into the fabric. The image is sent straight from the computer to the printer, so the result is a high quality, full colour print on your T-Shirt.

Need a one off T-Shirt for yourself or a Gift?





CLICK HERE to send it through and we'll make it happen!

Each order comes with a Tax Invoice and can be delivered to your door.

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